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We’ve grown! Meet Georgia 🖤

Welcome Georgia Astrology Readings Girl and Her Moon

Sacred you, ♡

I hope you are well. I hope your week has supported you. I hope the Earth has nourished you. And your Soul whispered messages of love.

I’m always filled with so much love sitting down and writing to you.

I hope you can feel that love.

We have a divine announcement to share today!

(including a sweet lil discount offer below)


A major GAHM announcement & celebratory discount.

Meet Georgia!




Georgia joined our team earlier in the year holding our live full Moon Circles inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

And as of this week, Georgia will be offering live and recorded Astrology Readings.

⊹ Celebrate with us ⊹

Use the code ‘WELCOME‘ for 15% off any astrology reading.

You will also receive access to a free month (or discounted yearly) to our membership after purchasing a reading – code emailed after purchase.

Within that, you will have free access to our next Full Moon Circle – that Georgia herself is holding.

Georgia is a truly beautiful human, and an incredible evolutionary astrologer.

Her passion for this work is deeply inspiring, and the knowledge and wisdom she holds is like no other.

I have had the gift of exploring my own chart with Georgia (recorded & going on the pod soon!)

The depth, richness, and insight, in one reading was catalysing to say the least.

It’s a reading I have returned to multiple times, capturing more each time, opening my heart more each time, connecting with myself more each time.

I cannot wait for you to have your own experience.

It will be nothing short of magical. 🦋

Jordane x


About Georgia

“I always felt stuck between worlds. A little of this but not enough that to be identified as, fill in the blank: womxn_queer_non-binary_latinx_American_Puerto Rican_an artist.

My journey into the mystical came from my utter confusion about life and what we’re all taught is it’s true purpose; to be “happy”, mostly because I’d never seen anyone who genuinely seemed to be. As I investigated new ways of living and being through traveling, I learned about the myriad of spiritual practices and beliefs around the world, which ultimately led me to huge paradigm shifts.

I was finally able to make the connections I had long been seeking. Diving deep into Evolutionary Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, Biophilic Design and Natural Living simultaneously provided me an anchor and a buoy, so that bridging worlds no longer felt problematic.

Through devotion to the mystical and studying the cycles and rhythms of life, my soul began to finally find peace. In the last 5 years I’ve crossed the threshold into holding space for others and now teach in ways informed by these phenomenal traditions.

As I’ve learned to live my astrological chart, happiness (which once felt illusive and mystifying) has found me more and more each day. I also found my true home, with my partner Emily and our Chiweenie, Sidney, in the woods, amongst the stars, in the Hudson Valley of New York, USA. I’m blessed to share this work with you through Astrology Readings and the Full Moon Sacred Circles for Flow with the Moon Members.”

♡ Georgia

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