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  1. Jordane Maree (store manager)

    ijhSeeds of Potential Soul Work

  2. Claire (verified owner)

    This was a beautiful reading. It felt like getting a hug from my guides while also providing support for where I’m at on my journey. I love Kapualani’s energy and am grateful for this opportunity and space to connect with my guides and receive that insight. Thank you xSPIRIT GUIDES TAROT READING

  3. Parsan Saffaie (verified owner)

    Dilosh, I was able to feel your warmth and care in the spirit guides reading. I really appreciated how you explained how my questions were more towards soul purpose and explained in detail what the intention for the spirit guide reading was. I feel like I am in a place of many crossroads and this reading is something I come back to again and again. The reading and explanations you provided were heartfelt and made me feel so much more connected to myself and provided a foundation for me to strengthen my listening to what my spiritual guides are telling me. I so look forward to more readings with you in the future. Thank you ❤️SPIRIT GUIDES TAROT READING

  4. Parsan Saffaie (verified owner)

    Noush, thank you for the lovely, thorough and thoughtful reading. Your reading was so detailed I was so impressed with the compassion and detail in how you communicated the reading. I look forward to connecting more with you in the future ❤️WEALTH AND FINANCIAL FLOW ASTROLOGY READING

  5. Reeti (verified owner)

    I have had many Astrology readings earlier as I have searched far and wide to leverage Astrology as a guidance to progress in my career and purpose. Let me tell you – this reading by Noush has been by far the most truthful, eye opening and something that touched my inner core! Absolutely in awe of the guidance that astrology can provide! Every detail I received aligned to what I was going through and reinforced the connection to my innate abilities! Noush gave the best insights with their weight in gold on how best to use my gifts to navigate my new role and also suggested really smart solutions to my impediments! The prediction on past events was astonishingly true and I can already feel the energy building around new upcoming transitions she has highlighted. Her articulation is perfect..Beautiful and absolutely the BEST reading regarding rising in a career purposefully and meaningfully! I will go back for more!CAREER AND BUSINESS ASTROLOGY READING